Toni at LAFW Fall ‘18

Fashion Entertainment Producer, Fashion Stylist, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Philanthropist and Toni Brooks Foundation CEO, Toni Brooks made helping others part of her professional and personal lifestyle and believes if we focus on just being a good person, good will come out of us.

Toni is an awarded philanthropist receiving numerous accolades from various private organizations as well as the Los Angeles County. While facing adversity during the economical challenges of the early 2000’s, Toni Brooks Foundation, now a nationwide non-profit organization, was accidentally developed. As a result, female veterans, domestic violence survivors and foster young adults are being clothed in brand new apparel valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless employment opportunities through job readiness programs are secured.

Toni holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with specializations in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and has studied the fine arts of Theater at Columbia College Chicago. Toni has served in the Army National Guard and has business ventures in the Real Estate and Fashion industries.